Name: Brandon

Position: Owner and DJ

Favorite Music Genres: EDM and Wedding Classics

Favorite DJ Moment: I was DJing for a wedding in Portland in 2015. The couple had just finished their money dance. The best man came up and said, “I’ll give them $100 if the groom slow dances with me for a whole song”. I asked the audience if we should do it, and everyone started laughing and cheering, so I asked the groomsman, “What song do you want?” He said “Man, I Feel Like A Woman”. I played it and the groom and best man danced to it. They were best friends and they were dancing super goofy, it was absolutely hilarious!

Favorite Kind of Events to DJ: Weddings, Anniversaries and Fundraisers

Favorite Sports Team: Seattle Mariners

Favorite Meal: Yellow Curry with Chicken

Favorite Place to Meet with Clients: The Local in Kennewick or Kagen’s Crepe’s in Richland

Favorite City to Visit: Portland, Oregon

Favorite TV Show: Parks and Recreation

Favorite Book: Who Moved My Cheese and The Holy Bible

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